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About Us

Michael's Big Head:

Michael Moodoo a.k.a. Michael Dowell is an artist who lives in Los Angeles, California.

About our company:

Moodoo Productions, Inc. manufactures toys & apparel based on the artist created brand, LovBun & Friends. "Drawing Power! with Michael Moodoo" is our award-winning DVD series designed to teach children how to draw. We provide live events through our award-winning entertainment group, Moodoo Puppets. - Award-winning live puppet show entertainment for your party or event in Los Angeles, CA. - Award-winning DVD series teaches viewers how to draw animals, dinosaurs, pirates and more. - Learn how to make puppets on DVD using reused items like juice boxes, paper plates and paper cups. - Fun, colorful toys from outer space! Remember to hug your love bunny every day!


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