Meet LovBun & Friends
Join the LovBun & Friends phenomenon that is sweeping the galaxy!

- LovBun the Love Bunny -

LOVBUN lives on hugs!

Fun facts about LovBun:

LovBun comes from outer space.

LovBun doesn't eat food like you or me... LovBun lives on hugs!

LovBun needs hugs so he can power up! Remember to HUG your LovBun every day!


Video clip: Kids help "power up" LovBun with lots of big HUGS!!


LovBun is a master of disguise, so he can be hard to find! He can only be seen by those with a pure heart. His favorite hiding spots are in laundry baskets and under the covers.

If you need a hug, LovBun is there for you. Even if you need two or three, or fifteen million zillion!

At LovBun's hug café, the menu includes all kinds of hugs: baby hugs, bear hugs -- even bouncing bunny hugs. The daily special is always a gentle hug that makes you feel good from the inside out. Remember to hug your LovBun every day!

- Snailien -


Who likes racing? SNAILIEN does!

Snailien is a giant racing snail from outer space. He's a fast racer but an even faster friend. His favorite food is sidewalk. On Snailien's home planet, sidewalk comes in many flavors: gravel-berry, dirt-merengue and his personal favorite, pebble pie! For a special treat, share a big bowl of pavement and cream with your new friend, Snailien!

- Scurvy the Space Pirate -




Scurvy the Space Pirate

Scurvy has a cool pirate ship, but he would trade it any day for your friendship! Scurvy always messes up people's rooms and then hides when it's clean up time! He'll never come out from his hiding place. At least, not until he smells his favorite golden treasure... Corn chips!



LovBun & Friends are huggable plush toys that remind us to be loving every day!

Where did LovBun & Friends come from & what's their mission? LovBun & Friends came from a distant planet to make friends with the people of earth. Oh, and Scurvy came for the corn chips.

How does LovBun travel thru space? Using the power of Love. When he gets tired, he just stops to refuel on hugs!

Why does LovBun have a heart for a head? Because LovBun thinks, listens and speaks with his heart!

Meet The Artist:

Artist Michael Dowell (aka Michael Moodoo) is the creator of LovBun & Friends. He is a Dad of three amazing little boys. He made LovBun & Friends because he wants kids to have an alternative to fighting toys.


Interview with Michael Moodoo

Michael, what's your story?

Well, I'm a professional animator and entrepreneur. I have three sons and I live in Pasadena, California USA. I am an artist and I've always loved to draw and create artwork for people.

What you were like when you were a kid?

When I was in first grade, I used to draw and write my own "Snoopy" cartoons and sell them door to door in my neighborhood. I must have been pretty successful, since I don't have any of those left. But my Mom still has some of my school pictures from that time. On my school picture it says, "25 cents". Lol :) I guess it's safe to say I've always been an entrepreneur!

What are some of your businesses besides LovBun & Friends?

Sure, I created an award-winning puppet-show called "Moodoo Puppets" which performs live events at parties in Los Angeles. Kids and parents love it! I also make award-winning educational DVDs, including "Puppet Power", which teaches kids how to make puppets using reused items like juice boxes, egg cartons and paper cups, and "Drawing Power!" which teaches kids how to draw dinosaurs, animals, pirates and more.

Where did the LovBun characters come from?

One day, when I was working in Park City, Utah at the Sundance film festival, these amazing characters just popped into his head. I quickly drew them in my sketchbook before they could get away. My first thought was, "Wow, that's the coolest character I've ever seen!"

Who encouraged you to make LovBun & Friends into a toy line?

One of the first people to say "LovBun needs to be a toy line" was a friend who is a famous artist named William Stout. I had grown up cherishing his artwork, including his famous Dinosaur book which helped inspire the movie "Jurassic Park". He came to my one-man show in Pasadena and saw my comic book art. He took one look and said, "You have to make a toy line of these characters."

Other friends who are big designers in the toy industry also said that, so I got the message. I hopped on a plane to China and met the toy factory manager, and started making toys!

What are you plans for LovBun in the future?

Right now we have 6 LovBun & Friends characters, with plans to make many, many more. I want the world of LovBun & Friends to be a colorful fun place that is safe for kids. I want parents to feel good about LovBun & Friends, knowing that we always encourage positive conflict resolution and promote loving behavior.


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