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LovBun The Love Bunny        

All Ages
Measures 5 inches long
Perfect for hugs!

Our price: $7.99



LovBun Description

LovBun is a love bunny who lives on hugs. LovBun came from a distant planet to bring love and hugs to people on Earth... like you! LovBun is a master of disguise, and can only be seen by those with a pure heart. His favorite hiding spots are in laundry baskets and under the covers. If you need a hug, LovBun is there for you. Even if you need two or three, or fifteen million zillion!

At LovBun's hug café, the menu includes: baby hugs, bear hugs -- even bouncing bunny hugs! The daily special is always a gentle hug that makes you feel good from the inside out. Always remember to hug your LovBun every day!

Lovbun & Friends LovBun is 5" long. Recommended for all ages